Your own adventure where you are the hero like in a movie or your favorite fantasy book. Read more
Back to the future
2 to 6 players, 60 min
from 8€ per person
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The mystery of Nefertiti
2 to 6 players, 60 min
from 8€ per person
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Imagine playing a video game, you have 60 minutes to find a way out using the media around you and their possible combinations.

But it's not a video game, is the reality and is here and now! If you not get away in time, however the door will open but you will not feel like a winner.
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What makes us different from the other escape rooms?

It is not just a wonderful room with an entourage, puzzles and riddles. It is the immersion in a magical atmosphere, with which you must interact while you are part of a complete history full of experiences where every step and every puzzle will become part of the game.

And if you already have experience playing in other escape rooms come and try our facilities, will surprise you!

Who can play? Friends, colleagues, family, team building etc.

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Each game is a different story
and a different world where you will forget the daily routine.
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